Rental property renovation in Louisville

I walk you through a big rental property renovation in Louisville, near the University of Louisville’s campus before drywall goes up. There’s been several challenges along the way with this 120 year old house, but it’s been completely gutted and will essentially be a new construction grade house when complete in the next month or so.

Rental property renovation before drywall, near UofL's campus
Video Transcription

Eric: Hey, it’s Eric with KY Property Solutions. I’m going to walk you through a house that we’re in the middle of doing a major renovation on over by UofL’s campus. We’re almost ready for insulation and drywall. We’ve got electric finishing up this week. We’ve got plumbing finishing up, pretty much already done, and HVAC is done. I want to give you a little walk through and show you kind of what we’re doing here. I’m standing in the living room and what we’ve done is opened up the living room to the kitchen that you see behind me here. In the kitchen what we did … The kitchen actually where we’re at right now, it used to be in this room back here, and we basically turned that room there and the room next to it into two large bedrooms.

This house is going to be a four-bed, two-bath house with a huge kitchen and a big living room that opens up to it. We’ve actually got a little sketch on the wall here that you can see. We keep the plans here so the contractors know what’s going on. So we’ve got living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two giant-sized closets, full-size bath and then this is the kitchen layout right here. It’s going to be a nice rental property once we’re done.

I just want to show you something else we did here that’s a little bit unique. Since we did move the bedrooms in the back, we had to have a second exit door somewhere, so we moved the door to the right side and then did the same thing on the house next door. We’re doing actually both houses side-by-side the exact same way. It’s the same floor plan essentially.

These will be four-bed, two-bath rentals. We had everything, all the wood, plaster and lathe removed recently and that was quite a chore. This is the upstairs bathroom that we’re working on. This one has a tub. The one downstairs does not. This is a huge bedroom. I don’t know about you, but I would have loved to have a bedroom this size when I was in college because this is like 15 x 17 and it also has a full-sized closet right here. Huge bedrooms, two big bedrooms upstairs. This is the duct work going up to the second floor. This is the the return duct. All the walls are going to get filled with cellulose insulation. All the cracks that you see in the wood are going to be sealed with foam before the cellulose goes in, along with all the electrical penetrations and gaps.

This is actually “balloon framing” where you can see up into the middle of the framing like that. That’s balloon framing, so we’ll block that off and seal it before the attic gets insulated. This behind me is actually the laundry room. We put a floor drain in here so that if the washing machine overflows, it’s not going to be a big deal. The floor is actually going to be vinyl plank with a PVC core so it’s waterproof, and there’ll be a floor drain so if anything happens it just goes into the floor drain. All the windows were replaced. A lot of the house was re-framed. We had two chimneys to take down. This is one of the chimneys that we took down. The other chimney was actually over there and we framed it back in already.

In this particular house once we got in, the windows had already been replaced but they were done really poorly with replacement windows instead of new construction windows, and all the interior trim was still on the windows when we got it.  I didn’t realize how poorly installed they were until we pulled the interior trim off. Before there was wood trim on here and when we pulled the wood trim off there was literally nothing holding the window in place. The trim was more or less holding the window in place. We had to take all the window trim out. We had to take the windows out, re-frame around the windows to support them properly and then put new metal wrap on the outside of them.

We’re getting real close to being ready for our electrical inspection this week and then insulation is coming in next week and hopefully dry wall by the end of next week. I’ll give you guys another update once we get the drywall in. It will look more like a house instead of a wreck at the moment. I’ll see you next time.

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