House renovation after short-sale

We’re over halfway done with a full house renovation in Louisville and wanted to share a video of our progress!  This house was upside down on the mortgage when the previous owner passed away, and his daughter called us after talking to several other potential buyers that couldn’t help her.  We came in and assessed the situation and realized the best solution was to negotiate a short-sale with the bank to get the purchase price down to where we could purchase and renovate the property for resale.

The last thing the seller wanted was for the house to go into foreclosure, get vandalized and neglected for months, and end up as a cheap rental for some slum-lord.  After explaining how the short-sale process works, she agreed to work with us to ensure the house would be repaired and modernized for a deserving new family.

Check out the video below as we show you the progress made, and check back in a few weeks to see the finished product!

Walk-thru of renovation on Yorktown Rd in Louisville, KY

If you have a house that you owe more on than it is worth, don’t worry we can help!  Learn more about how what a “short-sale” is and then contact us so we can help you today!