House to remodel in Fern Creek – Jeffersontown

We just acquired this cute 4 bedroom 2 bath house to remodel in Fern Creek – Jeffersontown and show you what it looks like before we do some work to it.  It will be available for sale within the next month!  The previous owners inherited another house and wanted to get rid of this one without spending any money fixing it up, and they wanted an easy and convenient closing date on their terms, so we were happy to provide this for them!
Here we walk you through the house and describe the improvements we plan to make, such as new paint colors throughout,  upgrading the bath faucets and hardware, new lights and ceiling fans, new carpet throughout, and new door hardware and a new front door.
House to remodel in Fern Creek - Jeffersontown
The kitchen in this house was recently updated with new cabinets, door hardware, a tile back splash, and a new pass-thru into the dining room.  We plan to update the paint colors to a light taupe that will compliment the existing colors of the cabinets and counters, but give it a more modern, clean look.
The bathrooms also need a new color scheme and we plan to continue the light taupe color into both bathrooms.  We’ll also upgrade the sink faucets and towel bars to oil-rubbed bronze versions that are more luxurious.
Full bathroom
In the lower living room area off the kitchen, there is a lot of dark stained wood and a mustard yellow color on the walls we don’t care for.  We plan to paint all the dark wood with white trim paint and leave the beams on the ceiling to add a nice contrast to the room.  Walls will be a light taupe color again and with the white trim paint, it should really brighten up this room.
Dark living room
House to remodel in Fern Creek - Jeffersontown
Video Transcription

Eric: Hey guys, it’s Eric and Christina with Louisville House Buyers and we’re in front of our latest acquisition here over on Stony Brook Road in Louisville. This is in the Jeffersontown area. We wanted to walk you through the house real quick and kind of show you what we got going on, so walk with us real quick.

This is a really nice four bed, two bath house we picked up from a really nice couple here. It doesn’t really need a whole lot. It just needs kind of a cosmetic update. So what we’re planning on doing … You see behind me, we’re standing in kind of the upper living room area. It obviously needs a paint job throughout. This is the dining room area here behind us.

They actually just remodeled the kitchen a little bit and there’s a new pass-through here. They got new kitchen cabinets that they added. The cabinet doors look really nice. It’s got some new hardware in here. They added the tile back splash, which I’m not a huge fan of, but I think it’s good enough. It’s got nice black appliances. We were thinking about just painting the top of that white range black so that it looks more clean. The fridge is there behind us.

It’s got a really nice back patio here. The backyard is really cool. It’s all fenced in. It’s got some nice landscaping already. The deck was just built five years ago. It even has a little lower patio area back there.

We’ll walk you again through here real quick. This is a bi-level house and that’s the lower area down there. We’re planning on painting all the dark wood white. Probably going to go with a light taupe color for most of the walls in the house, maybe a light gray. We typically do one of the two.

Carpet throughout the house needs to be replaced. We’re going to get rid of some of these lights and ceiling fans in here. This is one of the bathrooms downstairs, pretty much again just needs some new hardware on the bath vanity. The tile and tub looks great, so again just paint the bathroom.

This is the downstairs fourth bedroom. It actually looks pretty good the way that it is. It’s kind of a-

Christina: BTC green.

Eric: BTC foam green, something or other. But they do have some funky colors on the outlets, so I’m going to have to either clean those up or gt them replaced. Let’s walk right upstairs real quick.

Christina: There’s three more bedrooms upstairs.

Eric: Three more bedrooms upstairs and another full bathroom. So more of the fun peachy color continues up here. The bathroom is green. It will be gray or taupe. It’s got new tile floors. The bathtub needs cleaned up and possibly resurfaced. I need to find a good painter that can paint this tile, because the tile is in great shape but it’s an off-white yellowish color I don’t like. The vanity looks really good.

Christina: New mirror.

Eric: Maybe a new mirror.

Christina: New faucets.

Eric: Yes. We’re going to go with the bronzed oil look. They’ve already got some of this stuff in the house. Some of the vanity lights and faucets and some of the other lights throughout the house are already that, so we’re going to change all of the hardware on the doors so that they are the same.

This is the master bedroom. Obviously it needs some new carpet. The ceiling fan does not have a light, so we’re going to replace that with one that does. It does have a nice big closet with a-

Christina: Mirrored doors.

Eric: Mirrored doors. Then the two other bedrooms up here. You got this one, it’s already gray. It looks pretty good. May not touch anything except for replacing the carpet in here.

Then this room was the boys’ room and it’s blue and gray. I don’t know that I’m going to repaint anything in here either, so-

Christina: I just broke the shades.

Eric: Yeah. Christina got a little over-zealous and tried to open the window and the blinds came falling off, so we’re going to have to replace the blinds.

But this is another nice little project we picked up. Wanted to walk you through it. We should be done here in the next couple weeks and I’ll give you an update once we finish. So until then, I’ll see you next time.

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