Insulation inspection during house renovation

I show you the insulation inspection we do before drywall is installed, including the materials and techniques we use to make our houses more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient!  We use upgraded insulation products, like cellulose and spray-foam insulation, and we make sure the ductwork is air-sealed and insulated properly throughout!  The official term for this kind of inspection is a “Thermal By-pass Inspection“.

Cellulose in walls, spray-foam in rim joists





Insulation inspection during house renovation
Video Transcription

Eric: Well, the day has come for drywall. We’ve got insulation done here on our project on M Street, and I couldn’t be happier, ’cause I’m ready to rock and roll. Literally.

It’s Friday. Drywall guys are coming tomorrow. Wanna walk you guys real quick through the house and show you what we did. I don’t know how many landlords out there are paying the extra money to put blown-in cellulose in the walls, like you see here, but that’s a dense-packed insulation product. It’s a lot better than just regular fiberglass. It’s gonna keep the house nice and tight.

We also did spray foam insulation up there in the rim joist, all the way across. Throughout the house, all the windows have been caulked and foamed. We even did some soundproofing here, in between … This is two rear bedrooms back here, and I’m standing in the kitchen. We got some soundproofing in between the bedrooms. And, we even spray foamed the flat roof, or, the low slope roof in the back of the house. So, it’s got six to eight inches of open-cell foam in the roof line. This house is definitely gonna be an energy-efficient 130-year-old house when we’re done.

Wanted to give you a quick update on that. Also, we insulated the duct-work, even though it’s inside the living space. We want to make sure that the hot air and the cold air, for each season, gets all the way to the second floor without any problem.

Not only do we want our rentals to be safe and look nice, and be comfortable, but we also want them to be efficient and have good indoor air quality.  We go the extra mile!

I will see you next week once we get drywall up. See you then!

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