Our kids love the family real estate business!

Our kids love the family real estate business!  We’re a local family-owned business that loves renovating houses and improving Louisville’s neighborhoods, and we took our kids by one of the houses we’re re-building to check on the workers’ progress and they were excited to play in the “beach” sand out back! 🙂  My wife Christina and I have three young kids – Ava, Alexander, and Alivia.  They all love helping mommy and daddy work on houses, and with the shortage of skilled laborers these days, it’s important to show the next generation how valuable they can be working in the trades!

George family picture November 2017

The two houses you see in this video were abandoned for years and needed completely gutted back to the studs and re-built.  They took roughly five months to finish, but they are now gorgeous rental properties close to the University of Louisville and will be great long-term investments for us.  Below is a picture of what they looked like before we started working on them.

318 & 320 M Street

If you’d like to see what the inside of these houses looked like during construction, check out this blog we did after the drywall, flooring, and doors were installed!

Our kids love the family real estate business!
Video Transcription

Christina: What are you guys doing?

Ava: Playing in the sand.

Christina: Where we at guys?

Ava: A sand pit.

Alexander: At the beach!

Christina: We’re not at the beach. buddy…

Alexander: We’re at these broken houses.

Christina: Broken houses?

Ava: Not really, we’re fixing that one.

Christina: Who’s fixing up the houses, Ava?

Ava: Workers, workers.

Alexander: And daddy helps the workers!

Christina: Daddy helps the workers?

Ava: I found buried treasure!

Christina: Brought the kids over, checking on the progress.

Ava: I found a rock.

Christina: Electricians are finishing up at this house. Dry wall is going up on this house. Eric is inside with the baby.

Ava: I want to play with the big thing!

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